Friday, February 26, 2010

Email Scam and Internet Myths

Got an email today from a woman who had been to some of our trainings in the fall. Apparently (according to the email) she was stranded in London, had been robbed at gunpoint and needed help (violins should be playing sad music here). The email address was even correct! But, this is just another scam based on identity theft. They steal your email or facebook address, hack into your address book, and send out requests to all of your friends. For the Facebook version of the same scam, see: Robbed in London.

Usually when I am debunking an internet myth or mis-fact, I can just go to and check it out. I particularly liked one about the falling cow sinking a Japanese fishing boat, see: sky cow.

And then there was the white shark and the helicopter.

Interestingly, at the recent White Shark Conference, it was noted that several tagged sharks went from the Farallon Islands into San Francisco Bay via the Golden Gate Bridge area. However, there were no reports of feeding behavior on helicopters. . .



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