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Below are some resources which can be utilized  to help your students have a beginning understanding of the concepts and vocabulary involved with our education programs.

Some of the activity resources are aimed at our Expedition to Moku o Lo'e and Overnight Program Labs - others are aimed at establishing a basic knowledge base for our Walking Tours.

 All resources are provided with a student sheet and an answers sheet for teachers referral.

Expedition to Moku o L'oe 
The Plankton Lab Vocabulary Sheet is a good resource for helping students establish a basic understanding of the vocabulary associated with plankton.

Plankton Lab Vocabulary Answer Sheet

Plankton Lab Vocabulary Student Sheet

Plankton Powerpoint Presentation

The Algae Lab Vocabulary Sheet provides students with the basic vocabulary for undertaking the Algae Lab.

Algae Lab Vocabulary Answer Sheet

Algae Lab Vocabulary Student Sheet

The Invertebrate Identification Cards allow students to practice identifying organisms they encounter in the Algae Lab. *Updated versions to be posted soon.

The Algae Lab Data Sheet is the template that students use to record the organisms they find in a clump of invasive alga in order to numerically categorize the habitat. It is useful for the students to know the basic invertebrate groups to do this activity. Check out the Invertebrate Identification Cards above.

Additionally, the Algae Lab Data Sheet and Plankton Worksheet are filled in by the students while participating in the lab.

Plankton Worksheet

Algae Lab Data Sheet

Walking Tours 

The Walking Tour Cue Cards give a brief outline of the history and research occurring on Moku o

Walking Tour Cue Cards

The Walking Tour Pre/Post Test is a fun test that reiterates a few facts learned during the walking tour.

Walking Tour Quiz Answer Sheet

Walking Tour Quiz Student Sheet

Additional Resources

"The unnatural history of Kane'ohe Bay: coral reef resilience in the face of centuries of anthropogenic impacts," is a research paper detailing the past, present, and future health of Kane'ohe Bay.  

The following link will direct you to a much shorter summary/review of the paper listed above.

Lost Cities is a project conducted by the Gate's lab here at HIMB, an online interactive experience about coral reefs.

Voices of the Sea: Visiting the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology is a video about what it's like to visit and experience HIMB.

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