Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Update, 2-12-10


A few quick items...
First please note that one of the volunteer enrichment dates has changed. The February 19th, Friday date has canceled out and a March 8th, Monday date has been added in.

Next, if any want to assist Carlie at the Jack Johnson Kokua Festival, please be aware that they are requiring that even the volunteers have to have a ticket. Which go on sale Feb 20th (Hawaii residents) but could sell out fast. So (and sorry for the late notice but) ... if you are available to do a beach clean up tomorrow morning, you can earn a pre-sale code (sponsored by local radio station STAR 101.9) that will allow you to purchase up to two tickets. See:

Finally, the White Shark Conference from earlier this week was interesting. One big issue was just what goes on in that area the sharks go to halfway to Hawaii (the SOFA or The Shark Cafe depending on who you talk to). Mating or maybe just dining out? More on this in a later post.

Your nature note for a Valentines Weekend: among cardinalfish, the male typically guards the eggs, holding them in his mouth for safety, protecting them and not eating until they hatch.

Please check the calendar - and have a wonderful weekend!


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