Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Labs for High School Students - Marine Acoustics

We had a great training session yesterday on the new Marine Acoustics lab.

Volunteers acted as students to try out the new lab. We spit into teams, collected invasive seaweed and sponge, then dug through them looking for invertebrates: brittlestars, small crabs, and - the main event - snapping shrimp!

The "students" created a testable hypothesis relating to the shrimp and then ran their experiments. Some of the shrimp made popping noises so loud that you could hear them across the classroom (this from an inch long shrimp, in an aquarium).

To learn more about the shrimp, see the hollywood style video at: hollywood shrimp, or the more tech side at: experimental shrimp.

Thanks to Kelvin and Roxanne our instructors - and watch for more info and pictures in the next Jan/Feb/March Newsletter!



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  1. I watched both videos. The first one was the one they used in the lab. It was good to see it again. As mentioned, the second one is more technical and helped to better understand the sound wave graphs used in the lab.