Friday, February 5, 2010

Volunteer Training for Feb/Mar - NEW LABS!


With a new classroom come new labs. Malia Rivera and staff have created four in-depth labs for High School students. They will be taught by HIMB graduate students and will take an entire morning (no tour involved). Don't worry, we will still do our normal labs and tours as well, these are just another option for High School students.

The labs are:

> 1) Ocean Acidification-using coral skeletons and manipulating pH to see the effects water hardness and calcium dissolution

> 2) Acoustics-using hydrophones to listen and analyze the sounds of inverts

> 3) Larval development-using ‘ōpakapaka spawn to learn about spawning, development and applications to aquaculture

> 4) Fertilization-using collector urchins to test the effects of water quality on fertilization success and development

We have 4 mornings set aside to try these labs - HIMB volunteers (active, past and inactive) get first try. Watch for the sign up times and dates and become a student again as we give the new HIMB graduate student instructors a chance to practice!



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