Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday Update 2-19-2010

Welcome to the Friday update!

Thanks to all who attended the new lab training. Check out the posts below for one on that and one on Ku'ulei Rodger's NPR interview.

Coming up next week, the volunteers from the Waikiki Aquarium come and visit us on Monday! We go visit them Wednesday afternoon (1 -3 pm), March 10th.

Check the schedule for volunteer training opportunities. Note the new one - I will do the plankton lab and the algae lab via our new classroom, the evening of March 1.

March is now filled as far as tours and events, and we are on to April! Note on the Kokua festival - Carlie has enough people. If you are going anyway and want to help, let me know, otherwise, no worries.

Bonus question - where was the shark photo taken? (Hint - look how large across they are - and the channel is named after a type of boat).



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