Saturday, March 13, 2010


One question that came up recently has to do with the hammerheads. Can we look at the ones at the end of the shark lagoons? The answer is a clear yes and no. Yes we can walk to that end of the lagoon and look into that area from before the bridge but--- THIS IS NOT FOR EVERY GROUP!

1. When the Holland lab has sensitive animals, they tend to put them that area. At that point they do not want them disturbed. How do we know? Only if they tell us. So if you ever go there and see a new animal, just turn the group around and tell them that new animals need time to acclimate.

2. Even if we are allowed on the bridge there (and then only if the sign is down), we do not go past the bridge. Since there is not enough room on the bridge for everyone, they end up clustering by the falling down bank. Because of this, THIS IS NOT FOR EVERY GROUP!!

If you have done all that you can at the regular lagoon area - which includes talking about the tracking and tagging, And the group is very trustworthy and well controlled, And you wish to take a quick look - you may. With the above two points in mind. But usually, the group is happy just with seeing the first sharks.

Perhaps we should talk about starting our own research efforts. It could be something we build towards with our own hammerhead pup tank.

Let me know if you have questions on this.



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