Saturday, April 17, 2010

CEP Tour and Boat Schedule Update 04-17-10


Bit of a hectic week, but finally getting the update out. Many thanks to all who have helped with the Earth Day at the Waikiki Aquarium (great event) and the various tours last week. I really enjoyed the 4th graders from Ahuimanu (and they seemed to enjoy our program).

Did have a couple of different questions from the kids (ask a Marine Biologist). One boy wanted to know which would be worse, to be bit by a shark or stung by a box jelly. Which was then followed up by a girl asking if being stung by a jelly was like getting an electric shock (like they show in the cartoons). I worked at it to give them thoughtful answers . . . but one is never sure in these situations.

Everyone who has volunteered for us over the last year is invited. This means some of the off duty or retired volunteers as well.
Please RSVP so I can get the food order in. We will buy the entree and the drinks.
So far on the side dishes, Traci is bringing chicken salad, Hazel and Terry are bringing desserts. Bring what you wish, but mainly - bring yourself. There will be plenty of food.

Please RSVP by Tuesday and let me know if you are bringing family with.

Check the calendar for upcoming events. Check out the latest Coconut Island News Issue and Note that we are now staffing the scout tour on Friday and the H.S. tour on May 5th!



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