Friday, April 9, 2010

CEP Tour and Boat Sedule Update 04-09-10


Thanks to all for helping out with the groups this week!

Stop by the Aquarium this Saturday, 9 - 3 if you have time and visit our tent. Parking at Waikiki Elementary with a free shuttle.

COMING UP - Don't forget to start RSVP'ing for our annual VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION DINNER, the evening of April 22nd. All who have assisted with CEP programs in the past year are invited! And you can bring a guest.

Let us know if you will be attending.We will provide the main course items and drinks. If you would like to bring a side dish, pupu or dessert that would be great.

Blog articles - If any others would like to post articles to our blog, let me know. We would like to get this opened up and more active. I did a post for Joe - see this weeks posts below.

Don't forget to sign up for tours. We still need a person for a walking tour on this Thursday!



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  1. PAAAAAARTYYYYY!! Count me in; will bring something. Hey: can we take a walk to a dark spot to look at the night sky?--if there aren't too many clouds? It'll be a 1st quarter moon; it would be fun to look at it with binocs.