Thursday, May 20, 2010

CEP Tour and Boat Schedule Update 05-21-10


Thanks to all for help with the tours this week. We had some great groups, Parks and Rec, a son who had spent part of last summer with a marine bio class on island and wanted to show his parents the wonderful place he had been, and a wonderful group from Kamehameha on Friday. One of their folks said their trip to Coconut was the best field trip they had ever taken. We credit our volunteers of course!

Don't forget to check out the posts below this one. The "Shark(s) That Came Back" and the Wandering Youth, and of course the Volunteer Survey.

If anyone wants to see the house that was donated to HIMB (to be used as a rental to generate funds), and that staff and faculty have been working hard on, you can stop by Monday afternoon from 3-5. Brian Bowen is having a thank you and house warming event and has invited our active volunteers as well. Email me if you are interested. I will check the emails on Sunday and respond with details.

Please check the schedule and sign up for tours and training! It is going to be a great summer!



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