Friday, June 11, 2010

World Ocean Day

As many of you may have noted, June 8th is World Ocean Day. This is a time for us to pause and consider.

Think of all of the ways you interact with the ocean. Add up your points to check your "Sea Level"

Swim in the ocean - 1 point
Eat fish or seafood of any kind - 1 point
Like looking at fish and corals - 1 point
Scuba dive - 1 point
Snorkel - 1 point
Surf - 1 point
Paddle - 1 point
Boat - 1 point
Other ocean sports (kite sail, etc.) 1 point each
Walk the beach - 1 point
Breath - 1 point (half of the planet's oxygen comes through ocean plants)
Drive a car - 1 point (cars are shipped to us via the ocean and add to global CO2, raising ocean temperatures and acidity)
Eat any food not raised on Oahu - 1 point
Have a rusting refrigerator (ocean salt spray reaches all parts of the island) - 1 point
Worry that a hurricane might tear your house apart some day - 1 point
Love our moderate weather with the trade winds - 1 point
Enjoy ocean sunsets or sunrises (1 point each)
Would not live anywhere else - 1 point
Any thing else that you can think of? Add points!

Check your score:
0-5: Low tide
5 - 10: Gentle surf on the beach
10 and up: Riding the big waves

I am betting that most of you scored pretty high. The ocean touches us in so many ways.

Hawaii is the most remote archipelago in the world. Take a look at the image at the top of the page. We are literally adrift in the middle of the ocean. We are not landlocked, we are ocean locked.

It is our home. Happy Ocean Day, Week, Month, Year - it's always Ocean Day in Hawai'i. Lets take care of it.

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