Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gone Spawning...

We often admire the one large ulua aukea (white ulua) that lives in the HIMB shark lagoon. These fish can grow to over 5 feet in length and 140 lbs. But if it wasn't living with are sharks, what would its life really be like?

Carl Meyer of HIMB is quoted in a recent article from Hana Hou Magazine talking about how far (or not) huge ulua move in the wild. Turns out that adult ulua are stay-at-home nellies, with a home range of only about 3 miles. Day in and day out, they stay within their core areas.

Until summer - then one day they all just up and leave on an extended trip. To the same place because . . .

It is the Summer of Love on the Spawning Grounds (actually the Summer of "Urge" would be more accurate here - we are talking about fish).

Turns out that ulua will travel many miles to various summer spawning grounds before returning to their home areas.

Interesting, a secret world that they have - something for us to protect.



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