Friday, October 1, 2010

CEP Boat and Tour Update 10-01-10


Many thanks to all who helped last week. Vicki and Don came in to assist Clyde last weekend (bit of a crazy time with the blue angels flying overhead). Cindy has been helping all along in the office. Sal is back! John and Don worked with Gopal's tour today. Joe came in and set up a lab as well as keeping the animals going. Deena and Sarah have been helping, the list just goes on!

A whole new group of volunteers will be shadowing tours in the next couple of weeks, lets welcome them in.

Don't miss the new Blue Angel images in the photo album to the right. I know a few of you sent better images. Just let me know if I can post them.

Check the calendar and let us know where you would like to assist or shadow. Should be a great week coming up.



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