Friday, December 3, 2010

CEP Boat and Tour Schedule 12-03-10


It has been a very busy week!

Bill Fay did his first solo tour (congrats!)

Hazel, Christina, and Vicki took excellent care of the large tour on Monday.

Cosette shadowed tours (welcome!)

Then on Wednesday, HIMB hosted a site visit from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) with site managers for World Heritage Centers from around the globe.

Don, Greg, Galen, Lulu, Sharon, Christina, Deena, and Terry were all there to tour folks around showcasing our education program and labs. Hopefully the site managers will head back out across the planet with a better understanding of how research and education will help them better run their Marine Protected Areas.

Coming up? Check out the Calendar. Sal reminds me that we have some big tours in particular on Dec 15th and 17th. Don't forget to sign up.

And - check out the new blog posts on Arsenic bacteria and Sponges below.



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