Friday, December 10, 2010

CEP Tour and Boat Shedule Update 12-10-10

Aloha all,

We had a bit quieter week this week. Thanks to Jeanette for her tour. And to Katie and Christina who came in on Thursday - despite the threatening weather. It was pouring when the kids arrived, but the skies cleared (mostly) and they had a great tour.

This brings up the question of when and for what do we cancel a tour. Basically, safety is the issue. Rain itself is usually not a reason to cancel, we continue on, but if the winds get too high we may have to cancel due to waves or falling branches and coconuts. We will also cancel or shelter if there is an active lightning storm. Always call or ask Sal or I if you have questions or concerns.

Thanks to all who came to the HIMB Christmas Party! Ruth will have an article and some pictures in the up coming Coconut Island News, so watch for it.

Next week is busy. Take a look at the calendar. Over the break things will be quieter. Sal will be in the office off and on - we will keep you updated.

Don't forget to check the new blog entries below. One on HIMB's Zack Forsman's work on endangered corals. The other entry is from Deena on mola mola (a cool fish with a even better name).

Have a great (and hopefully drying) weekend.


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