Friday, January 21, 2011

CEP Boat and Tour Update 01-21-11

Aloha all,

Thanks this week to Deena, Sarah and Cindy who helped out in the office and with animal care. Silvia came in last minute today to do a tour! Jeanette and Christina are headed in tomorrow for the whole overnight (sleeping on the lawn I think). Brenda will be in to help with the lab as well. Then Nicole and Lulu will handle the Sunday tours - a busy weekend!

Coming up next week - Volunteer Training. For you veterans, some looks the same, but remember that any chance to do an in depth lab is always nice. I still learn things every time. It is also nice for you to add in, so that the new folks do not get overwhelmed. Let me know if you will be attending.

We will be updating our volunteer files next week as well. Checking what the front office has vs what we have on file. We will let folks know if we need updated forms.

Take a look at the Calendar for upcoming events and check out the blog entries below on Marine Escargot and Shifting Baselines.

Have a great weekend!


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