Friday, January 28, 2011

CEP Tour and Boat Schedule Update 01-28-11


Thanks to all the folks that came to the trainings this week. As usual, I always throw in some new material or information. Last night we did coral reef ecology, with a special visit from some of the marine life from our observation pool, including a mantis shrimp I have been keeping just for this occasion (for a very entertaining web page on mantis shrimps, go here), and an elegant painted sea slug that Cindy found in our last algae sort.
Thanks to the new folks for making the trainings - and to the vets that have been there as well - really helps to have folks assist with the cleanup and set up!

Please take a look at the February Calendar - we have open tour guide spots!

Note that the "Aloha 'Aina" programs are a bit different and will essentially use all the guides we can get. In those programs, the students rotate through 3 stations including a beach transect (in the water off of the sandy beach), the algae lab, and a water quality station.

If anyone wants to be trained to assist on one of these stations, please let me know. They are all very simple and basic and we will need the help.

Have a great weekend. See many of you next week for the trainings!

And Aloha and Thanks to Silvia - she heads back to Switzerland for a year. We will think of it as a visit, since she really belongs back here!



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