Friday, January 14, 2011

Learning the scientific names

Note below from my colleague Jeff Kuwabara, let me know if you are interested and I will get you his contact info. Mark

Aloha All,

Just a quick note to invite you and your colleagues to join in our QUEST Identification classes. These are scheduled for three weeks, M/W nights 6-9pm, starting on MLK Day (1/17/11). These are designed for students who intend to go to QUEST, so they focus on rote memorization rather than detailed anatomy and ecology (though, some of that will be included). Schedule is as follows:

1/17, 1/19: Fishes
1/24, 1/26: Invertebrates
1/31, 2/2: Limu
The price we charge for non-MOP related people is $5/organism group, $10 for the whole thing (we’ll throw in the 3rd group for free). MOP students and alumni are free. Class will be taught in Dean Hall room #6 (rm 104 on Wed. 1/19).

Please let me know if any of your people is interested.


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