Friday, May 27, 2011

Nice Article on our H.S. Labs - Career Changers

Check out this blog entry on Malia's H.S. labs and their impact on the kids. Note that the article has a couple of inaccuracies. Wild dolphins do occasionally come into the bay. The incident he mentions in the article happened several years ago when Ho'olono was born; some wild dolphins came by the pens at that time. And it would be "sand bar sharks" rather than "sand sharks," but these are minor issues. For a very nice article, see:

It is true that students that come through our programs may well choose to follow a path that leads them back to the island later in life. We certainly hope so.



P.S. - the behavior of the students in the above image is not suggested for our docents - please do not give me a small heart attack by walking out on the wall of the lagoon like these more spry H.S. students, even if it is shallow.

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