Friday, May 20, 2011

Tour and Boat Schedule Update 05-20-11


We had a great week as usual. The Overnight last weekend went very well. Our night plankton tow included tiny box jellies. The Family Sunday tours went well, then this week we had very enthusiastic 4th and 5th graders from Mokapu Elementary and Trinity Lutheran, as well as a very bright set of H.S. students from Halau Ku Mana Charter School. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped.

Coming up are a number of tours. Please check the CALENDAR! And a six session new volunteer training and current volunteer enrichment starts Tues/ Thurs/ Sats June 7. Tell you friends and make some room in your calendar. We will do some hands on labs that will be fun for all.

Check out the new blog post on a local exhibit of a crocheted reefs. Really - See: The Hyperbolic Coral Reef Is Here

Have a great weekend!


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