Friday, May 13, 2011

Tour and Boat Update 05-13-11


It has been an interesting week for tours. Last weekend a group of dedicated volunteers toured the Marine Mammal Research Facility - many thanks to Stephanie, Marlee and Dr. Paul Nachtigal for hosting us at the pens.
Thursday we had a tour with Kailua Intermediate. While on the Honu Kai they not only did a plankton tow, they also deployed a CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) meter from the front of the boat, and they sent off 3 student driven ROV's (remotely operated vehicles). Captain Fritz did an amazing job keeping the Honu Kai in place during operations! On island, Chris and Deena helped move groups around while the students ran their ROV's again.
Friday we hosted Mokapu Elementary. Sal went over to pick them up, then Birgit and Sarah helped host a very enthusiastic group of kids. So nice to see such obvious excitement at being here.

We have Ewa Makai school here this weekend for an overnight, then Family Sunday. Next week we have Mokapu Elementary again on Tuesday, a Hawaiian charter school on Wednesday and Trinity Lutheran on Thursday. Should be a great week!

Don't forget to check the CALENDAR and the new blog post on Lucifer, the planktonic shrimp.

Have a great weekend.


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