Saturday, June 11, 2011

CEP Boat and Tour Update 06-11-11


Sorry for the late post, life got away from me. We had a great set of Volunteer Training and Enrichment sessions last week! We did a history section, then did a wonderful session checking out corals, sea anemones, zooanthids, sea jellies, upside down jellies and more. Ask anyone who was there about brain coral and how they grow.  And today we spent time a great morning working hard (well we did have coffee, doughnuts, wandered around a bit, it was a very nice time). Thanks to Cindy, Sarah O. Sarah S. Mike, Steve, Gary, Deena, Vivian, Sharon and Sal for starters. We are looking forward to next week! Come and join us.

Last night we hosted Troop 201 for an Oceanography Merit Badge Overnight. They (and we) were up till midnight working on their projects. Special thanks to the overnight crew, Brenda, Sarah O., Christina, Sarah S. who oversaw the night plankton net production and use! And to Mike Coad for the group he guided this week.

Coming up - more Enrichment sessions and programs. Check the CALENDAR!

Take a look at the new blog entry from our summer intern Sarah S - How much is a shark worth?  
AND - Ruth, the Coconut Island News editor is looking for folks to help with writing or interviewing folks for the newsletter - let us know if you are interested.

Have a great weekend.


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