Friday, June 24, 2011

CEP Update 06-24-11


Thanks to all who attended the Volunteer Enrichments and Trainings. New volunteers - this is the time to sign up to shadow tours! Don't let time pass by. This applies to all of you wonderful volunteers that we have not seen recently. Check the CALENDAR and sign up - keep up that skill set!

This week we helped with a teacher workshop, Steve got advanced training working through sediment samples from He'eia fishpond with Megsie Siple from the Donahue Lab. See Megsie's blog, Fishpond Fever! Then Mike, Gary and Sarah ran labs and tours for middle school kids in the Exploring Windward Oahu program. A busy week as usual.

Coming up - I will be gone from July 1st through 20th. Then Sal is gone from the 20th to the 25th. Intern Sarah Sorensen will be helping out, but please look at the July calendar dates and sign up!

Some great new blog entries below. See "So what exactly is DNA?" and"TV Special, The Super Sucker."

Have a great weekend.


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