Friday, August 5, 2011

Boat and Schedule Updates 08-05-11

Thanks to all for pitching in this week! Coming out of an Overnight on the weekend, we had a Boy Scout Troop from San Diego on Tuesday (thanks to Mike, Don Brown and Larry), Punahou Keiki Kamp on Wednesday (thanks to Chris and Deena), then on Friday, Poilani and visitors from the Hawaii Conservation Conference (thanks to Mike, Gary, Vicki, Lulu, John and Don Inouye)!

Kekoa James, a Scout working on his Eagle project, came out over the weekend with his crew  to create a wonderful set of railings for the stairway from the Education area down towards the touch table. We can now take groups on it! Thanks to Jim and the facilities staff as well on this one for logistics and materials.And  you may see a couple of   H.S. volunteers working on cleaning up the native garden area in the next week or so (Rachel L and Jessica).

August will continue to be busy, then September will pick up I am sure. Please take a look at the CALENDAR!

Have a great weekend.



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