Friday, September 9, 2011

Tour and Boat Schedule Update 09-09-11

Thanks to all who helped out this week. Hazel and Joe have been working with the new controller on the water table. If you see issues, let me know. Sometimes it got too fast for the conspicuous sea cucumbers and they were flying around the tank (not really good for them). I think I have it toned down now.

We had several tours this week. Greg was ready for a small family tour on Monday, but they cancelled at the last minute. This happens sorry to say - thanks to Greg for being ready that day anyway. Mike, Gary and Chris helped with a VIP tour that included a trip to the marine mammal pens. Very interesting and reminded me why I only buy cheap cell phones (there was some water in the air). On Friday we had two groups at once! Steve, Gary and Sharon (welcome back!) helped with a very nice group of home schoolers. They did the plankton and algae labs. Mike Coad hosted a group from Japan and John Burns from Ruth Gates lab came in special to give them a talk. Many thanks to all.

Sal will be gone for the next couple of weeks, but we still have tours so please make sure we have everything covered. I also have other jobs if anyone is interested. We got water to the water table (thanks to Ron and Don), now we need to keep that piping going. I would like to plumb in a second small table down below, a large round tank (maybe get our own area for hammerheads), then head up the hill so we could keep special interesting animals for the classroom labs. Not hard work, but just takes time. I will be meeting with Galen about doing a history sign and Traci continues to work on a flip chart for the boat. So ... if you are ever bored, let us know!

Please check the CALENDAR and note the new blog post below: Sponges and What the Ocean Brings Up

Have a great weekend!


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