Sunday, November 27, 2011

Loko i‘a o He‘eia: Linking science and management

Don't miss HIMB's Sherril Leon-Soen at Hanauma Bay this Thursday! Her work at the fishpond is very relevent to us since we pass by the He'eia fishpond everytime we cross across the bay.



Loko i‘a o He‘eia: Linking science and management
Sherril Leon-Soon, Ph.D. Candidate, UH Zoology
Sherril is originally from Trinidad and Tobago, and has long been interested in marine sciences and environmental preservation. She was fortunate to be able to combine the two while completing the undergraduate program in Environmental Science at Florida A & M University. Now that she is at the University of Hawai‘i, she is continuing along that path and directing her research to contribute towards a better understanding of coastal ecosystem structure, and function, and thus also to the development of better management practices. Sherril is currently an Oceanography student working out at HIMB (Coconut Island) and loving it!

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