Friday, November 18, 2011

Tour and Boat Schedule Update 11-18-11


We had a nice assortment of groups this week. Ron brought out some folks last Saturday. Sarah's group on Sunday got caught in APEC traffic and was a no go. Don Inoyue picked up a small group on  Monday and almost one today (a no show). Mary is back (welcome!) and helped with the Federal Law Enforcement group on Wednesday with Mike and Don Brown. Deena and Mike continue with hours in the water doing a coral breakage survey. Thanks to all.

Coming up we have a very busy weekend (looks like wind, not rain may be our issue). Then next week we have a big group on Monday. We will be doing the labs for this group so we can always use extra people. You can learn a lab and (even better) offer to teach one!

Please check the CALENDAR. Note that the HIMB Xmas party will be on Friday, Dec. 9th. All volunteers that have led tours or done work for us in the last year are invited! Just let me know if  you are coming. More details soon.

Finally, check out the newest blog entry below: It's Time For the Turkeyfish Post!

Have a great weekend.


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