Friday, January 27, 2012

CEP Update 01-27-12


It has been a busy week. Thanks to Christina and Brenda for helping with the overnight last weekend (Scout Troop 9 got there Oceanography Merit badges). Mike, Gary, Mary and Carlie took excellent care of the nice folks from Kelowna B.C. on Monday.  Siliva, John, Mike, Chris, and Don all ran small tours from Sunday - Thursday. Then we had a good showing for the Shark Enrichment today.

Check out Deena's blog on it below: Shark Enrichment.

This weekend, Sarah will be staffing the "Celebrate Ko'olaupoko" kick off at the Windward Mall from 9 am - noon. You might want to stop by. If  you want to assist her, just let me know.

Keep an eye on the CALENDAR - tours requests just keep coming in!

We also bid aloha and thanks to Silvia - she is migrating back to Switzerland for the rest of the winter. We are not sure when we will get her back again - but hope it is not too far in the future!

Have a great weekend!


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