Friday, January 13, 2012


Just a reminder here - for the safety of the visitors and the marine life in the observation/ touch table.

1. START all sessions at the Observation tank with an Identification Session. NO hands in the water at this time. Have them use the posters to identify first the No Touch animals (they can point to them to identify them). Then the Touch animals. Then hands in the water.

2. The animals in the raised center portion of the table are NO TOUCH! Only the animal care group should be handling these. This includes all of the corals.

3. If a sponge gets displaced from the center to the side you may gently return it to the center.

4. The COWRIES are no touch - wherever they are. This is indicated on the signs.

5. They can touch - the cucumbers (3 - 4 different kinds), the hermit crabs, the feather duster worms. The dried skeletons and shells to the side.

We want to make sure that all of our visitors have a wonderful experience. Some folks have very sensitive skin, as do the animals in the no touch area.

Many many thanks,

Mark and Sal

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