Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Update 02-10-12


Lots of new items this week:

1. When viewing the calendar, you will see blank entries. These are to help us find open dates to offer folks for tours.

2. A NEW COCONUT ISLAND NEWS is out with articles on sharks, seahorses and more.   Click HERE!
Remember - once it comes up, for crisp pictures, go to File, then Download Original. We suggest you print your copy. Set back with a relaxing beverage of your choice, read and enjoy.

3. Don't miss the blog entry below - all you ever wanted to know about featherduster worms (includes action video). See:

Thanks to Lulu, Chris, Gary, Mike, Deena, Sarah and Don for running tours and labs. Kelly and Michael cut and glued together a long run of pipe for our someday new water tables. Welcome Steffiny! She and Kelly have agreed to help with the animal care group and do water table upkeep. Mike and Deena are continuing with reef surveys. Rebecca just finished a bit of work on sea grass trampling with Kim Peyton. Ruth, Zoltan and Mark Royer wrote the latest Coconut Island News and Sal kept a very hectic office running. We are a busy crew!

Check the CALENDAR for sign up spots.

Have a great weekend!


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