Friday, July 27, 2012

The Coconut Island Show (on the radio)

Have you been keeping up with the great radio spots that Carlie Wiener is doing?

Download the podcast from last Monday (July 23) and listen to scientists talk about this summer's research expeditions to the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Scott Godwin calls in from Midway Atoll to discuss the marine alien species they have been finding there and the history of Midway as it relates to this. Daniel Wagner discusses the upcoming RAMP cruise and what goes into putting on a modern expedition to a remote area. Listen is in to learn about the state of our reefs, the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and what the "RAMP" cruises do. Megan Onuma talks about her experiences and Dr. Judy Lemus tells us about the very cool COSEE Island Earth program, the importance of translating science.

Check out Hawaii's Tomorrow Talk Radio Show AM 760 here:



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