Friday, September 7, 2012



Want to take a tour of Coconut Island (Moku o Lo'e)? Interested in the marine life here? Maybe you would like to volunteer or you are a volunteer. Here are the blog sections that you should not miss. To get to the most recent version of the blog, click  on the SCIENCE ISLAND header.

The TOUR or BOOK A PROGRAM at Coconut Island link is off to the right side. It includes links to the Community Education Page (walking tours and labs for families, grades 4 - 12, and marine science overnights), the H.S. level Science Inquiry Education Programs,  and a link to other HIMB Education Programs.
Want to know what tours are already on our books before you call? Check out the CURRENT TOUR AND BOAT ISLAND link - also on the right sidebar below the Tour box. Go to the CALENDAR

MARINE LIFE POSTS is a list of articles on marine life of Moku o Lo'e (Coconut Island) or other marine life of interest. This is a page on its own that you can access via the menu bar at the top.  One of my favorites is the Feather Duster Worm post although the Hawaiian Sea Grass article is also good.

Sidebars to check out:

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 Driving Directions

DRIVING DIRECTIONS to Heeia Boat Ramp - Google maps link to get you to get you to our where our larger boat picks up most groups

DRIVING DIRECTIONS to HIMB (Lilipuna Pier) - Google maps link to get you to HIMB

Shuttle Van

 Due to the limited parking at our facility, we require people using Lilipuna pier for boat transportation to be dropped off. Drivers can then be picked up by our shuttle van at the Windward Mall Location (Image also provided to the left).

 It is advised that the drivers park at the top of the parking complex located on the west side of Windward Mall. You can meet our shuttle van at the bottom of the stairs as depicted in the image below. It is also advised that you call the shuttle van service 15 minutes in advance. The shuttle van runs at the bottom of the hour (e.g. 8:30, 9:30, 10:30). To contact the shuttle van, please call 218-2014

Hope this is helpful!

Mark Heckman
Community Education Program Coordinator