Friday, May 24, 2013

New Tanks - No Touch, Stinging Animals!


We are adding in two new tanks to the observation/ touch pool area. These will be Observation Only tanks. In these tanks we will be keeping some of the stinging animals.

One will have a selection of Upside Down Jellies (Cassiopea sp.). These come in several color varieties (the blue variety is featured below). We will follow up with a post on their biology shortly.

Upside down jellies have a mild sting, but it can be irritating. If you ever snorkel over a group of upside down jellies, make sure you are the first across. As your fins kick up the water, the upside down jellies will release lots of stinging cells. The next snorkeler to go through this mess will feel like they have an instant sun burn. You might want to warn them. . .

We will admire these without touching.

In the other container, we will keep green zooanthids and a variety of corals that have not done as well in the main education pool. The new pools will get more light, which should help should help some of our common coral types.

Stay tuned for more posts on the animals in these new tanks. The edges have been painted red to emphasize the "no touch" nature of these exhibits.

Please keep reminding folks that the center of the main education table ( with the sponges, mushroom corals and rice coral) will also continue to be No Touch along with the tiger cowries.


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