Friday, July 26, 2013

Coconut Island Lighthouse

As many of you may have noticed, the lighthouse has received a much needed makeover.

Once we started removing paint, it was riddled with cracks. MH photo
HIMB staff started the process by filling cracks and patching the edges (thanks Jimmy). Then the entire structure was repainted inside and out with a bright white base and red trim.  A door was erected to keep out the windward weather.  Best of all, the monument to seafaring was crowned with a vintage brass lantern from the island. Yes, the lighthouse is once again something to behold, all thanks to the hard work of the members of Scout Troop 311 for Robert Heckman's Eagle Project.

Historically, the lighthouse has had a couple of lights in the past. The best image we have, from the Pauley era, shows a very nice light up on top. We can get a rough date for this photo based on the boat and the clothing and swimsuits worn. An earlier photo from the Holms collection also shows the lighthouse with a similar light. I am not sure when that light was removed or where it ended up. After its removal, Wayne Nakamoto remembers that there was a simple outdoor bulb type light on the top for a number of years as well. Notice also, that the lighthouse was traditionally all white, we do not have a date for the shift over to the red border.

Lighthouse in the 70s? Note the swimming attire. From a scanned image in HIMB files.
Note lighthouse in lower corner. From a scanned images in HIMB files.
If you know anything about the history of the lighthouse, let us know!

In the meantime, it is lit again, a nice sight on Kane'ohe evenings.Take a closer look when you get a chance. It may be our leaning lighthouse, but it is a bright and cheerful Moku o Lo'e light!

Thank you to Yamashiro's Building Supplies who donated materials and paint, Simm Electic for wiring the lamp, the HIMB Facilities group for donating paint, and Troop 311.



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