Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Greetings and Year End Notes

It has been a great year thanks to all our staff, volunteers, students, teachers and visitors!

Every tour or lab we give is really an opportunity for all of us to learn from each other.  We learn history from those that have been here in the years before; stories of growing up in Kane'ohe and visiting the island in times gone by. Each student brings a new vision to our labs and tours. They find new animals we have not noticed in the plankton before, discover marine life behaviors we have never seen, and ask us questions that we can not answer, stretching our minds and keeping our brains in top shape.

Moku o Lo'e pulls the best from all of us.

Some statistics to think about,
In the past year our program hosted 4,722 visitors to Moku o Lo'e. We reached another 3,602 through community fairs and events and thousands more through this blog and other media outreach.
Visitors included 2,395 5th grade - college level students as well as 253 teachers in teacher workshops. 2,142 visitors were here as families or with community groups, and the program serviced an additional 414 VIPs, government or management related visitors.

Our volunteers contributed over 3,700 hours of their time and ran over 310 tours and programs mornings, afternoons and evenings, weekdays and weekends throughout the year. The students, children and adults whose lives they touched will not soon forget their visit to Moku o Lo'e.

In this time of giving, if you feel overwhelmed by all of the material buying and spending, think for a moment of those volunteer hours and be comforted. The true giving season is really all year long. And yes, our volunteers have asked if there are tours to help with over the holidays, it does not stop.

With Aloha,


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