Friday, November 4, 2016

HIMB Shark Research


We are looking forward to our shark dissection tomorrow, led by scientist Mark Royer. The purpose of this dissection is to educate our volunteers about shark anatomy.  We also encourage our readers and volunteers to stay informed about the current research being conducted here at Coconut Island.  The links provided below are a great place to start. Visit each site to learn about the innovative techniques and technologies being used by the Holland research lab. 

Current Shark and Reef Fish Research

NWHI Predator Tracking. Photo by Luiz Rocha
The Holland Lab utilizes innovative tracking techniques to analyze the movements of sharks and fish.  Data from these studies can help with Marine Protected Area design as well as a host of other shark-human interactions.  Most of the research takes advantages of the laboratory's unique setting on Coconut Island, blending laboratory work with field-experiments to investigate the behavior, physiology, and ecology of sharks,

Click here to read more about the current projects being conducted through the lab, including NWHI Predator Tracking, Shark Ecotourism, Tiger Shark Swimming Behavior, and much more.

Meet the Shark Research Team

Click here to learn more about the research team.  Learn about research interests from lead scientist Kim Holland and Assistant Researcher Carl Meyer as well as the PhD candidates.

Shark Research Team Updates

Visit this page to keep updated on new research publications produced by the Holland Shark Lab.
Researchers tag more tiger sharks to track movement patterns off Maui


Videos From the Shark Lab

Video of  a sixgill shark equipped with an accelerometer and camera swims
back down to it's deep water habitat. (credit: Mark Royer, University of Hawaii)

HIMB shark study helps explain higher incidence of encounters off Maui

Shark Lab Publications

Click here to view a list of research published by the Holland Shark Lab.  
Black tip reef shark swimming at Coconut Island

Written by Lyndsey Tanabe

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