Friday, March 26, 2010

CEP Tour and Boat Schedule Update 3 -26-10


Thanks to all for assisting this last week. We have a new addition to the feather duster exhibit, a bubble tower that we will be adding micro algae to in the coming weeks. This live culture will help with feeding the feather dusters and show how aquaculture research is done.

We are working at getting salt water up to the new classroom area. As part of that, Jim Flemming briefly turned on the 4 inch pipe to the empty pools up by the classroom. The Scouts had cleaned them out this last weekend. Looks like we have sufficient water pressure (see images on the blog), but we will not be filling them again, the upkeep and costs for the ornamental pools would be too great - the large 4 inch line has been cut and redirected. It will become the new drain for a much smaller line we will put in. The classroom area will not need much water.

Tours this week:

We have the Make A Wish Foundation coming on Tuesday - we have Kasie available to do a special for them on her research, but could use a guide to do the general parts and logistics.

We also have a request for a "meet a marine biologist tour" on April 1st from the nephew of a UH Professor. Again, we could use a tour guide, then I will see if I can get a grad student to say hello as well.

Let us know if you can assist.



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