Friday, April 2, 2010


Its April - Earth Day Month!

We still need volunteers for the weekend event at the Waikiki Aquarium.

And take a look down the line for other tours. It will be a busy month.

I heard from Joe that we had some water quality issues in the touch pool, so expect some changes there.

The news letter for Jan/Feb/Mar is finished. Ruth had it in on time, I just was behind on my articles for her. Expect to see it this week. If you would like a printed version. Let us know.

In celebration of the Holiday weekend, I direct your attention to the "sea hare" pictured above. A type of mollusc, they are snail-like (just a tiny bit of shell left embedded down in the back area) and have two sensory rhinophores that stick up in the front looking almost like ears (hence the "hare" designation). The rhinophores actually smell/taste the water for food, rather than having any hearing ability. Sea hares tend to eat veggies - seaweeds that is. Some can even ink, a bit like the octopus - not exactly your backyard bunny. Watch for them out on the reef!

Remember, check the calendar. MANY THANKS TO ALL AND HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!



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