Friday, September 3, 2010



Sal will be gone until the 25th, so I will try and keep up on things.

We have a few projects that need work and we also need to revitalize the animal care group - let me know if interested.

Please look at the posts below - the Moku o Lo'e: The Best Kept Secret in Kane'ohe Bay class still has space. Even if you have taken it before. And Jeff is running an ID set of classes. See: QUEST ID classes.

And of course our Fall Volunteer Training.

Note - ask me about the tiger shark if you are coming out.

Take a look at the schedule and sign up for the upcoming trainings (they will be fun) and tours. Those that are about ready to tour and want to practice, let me know - I would love to get out of the office. Otherwise, sign up for upcoming events. Looks like a great fall!


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