Friday, September 17, 2010

Hordes of Hammerheads

A question came up on hammerhead behavior the other night. Specifically, if there are thousands of pups in Kane'ohe Bay, where are the adults? Are there hordes of them in Kaneohe Bay?

To which I gave a very decisive answer, "I have no idea."
As far as I know, we just don't know much about the adults movements at this point.

Jeanette (incoming CEP tour guide) went online and found information about adult hammerhead schooling, but this was for the rather famous cases in the Sea of Cortez - still very cool stuff. For a recap see:

I will query the folks at the Holland Lab, but - this is part of what is so interesting about Hawaii - there is still so much to learn. And I will also ask about birthing an animal that looks to have a very difficult head shape to get out.



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  1. Adults certainly come in to Kaneohe Bay to pup, and possibly mate (adult males are present also) primarily during summer, but we don't know the details. Figuring out the adult hammerhead movements is an important component of the HIMB-MBA collaboration.


    > I believe the hammer is relatively soft thru birth & then stiffens, allowing for folding back during birth.