Friday, November 19, 2010

CEP Tour and Boat Schedule Update 11-17-10


Please take a look at the calendar and note that we have some events coming up the week after Thanksgiving that we will need tour guides for.

Specifically on:
Monday Nov 29, Home School Group 9 - 12:30. One more guide would be nice.

Wednesday, Dec 1, 2:pm - 4:00 pm - we will have up to 60 visiting VIP's come to celebrate the designation of the NWHI Monument as a World Heritage Site. Come lead a short tour and help them feel at home here on Coconut Island as well! We need many guides, hopefully we will team up with some of our grad students on this too.

Sunday, Dec. 5th - we will have a kayak club do a tour (this is a special event - normally only tied to an overnight). We need one more guide.

You folks have been great this last week. Lets keep it up!

Have a wonderful weekend - check out the new blog entries as well (New Plankton Net and Thinking about Education).



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