Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome to the New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hopefully everyone is well rested and ready to go for the new year. Thanks to all who held down the fort while I was away and this week as well (Silvia, Christina, Traci, Deena and Cyndi)

The new year brings me to the first big ask...

1. Animal Care - We need folks for the Animal Care Group! Joe O'Reilly has been the backbone of this group - but Joe is off to South America for three months... so it is time to reset. We should have someone check on the touch table once a day if possible. Let me know if you are interested and what day(s) you could help with.

2. Plumbing - if you like working with plastic pipe, we have lots to glue together to get water up to the classroom for some small tanks. Let me know if you are interested.

3. Volunteer training - coming up in the end of January. Please consider attending. We are working towards issuing new nametags each year with a volunteer card on the back to show that you are in good standing. Trainings are a great time to meet new folks and help transfer your knowledge on.

4. Writing - Ruth always needs help with articles, being a reporter at HIMB is easy and fun. We will set you up to meet interesting folks - a picture and a couple of paragraphs later and it is a go.

5. Don't forget to check the schedule for upcoming events!

We are looking forward to a wonderful new year.



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