Friday, March 18, 2011

CEP Update 03-18-11


First on the breaking news - we could use a tour guide for next Tuesday, March 22 from 9 - 12.

Second - the usual thanks to folks that assisted this week. Sal mentioned to me that I talked to much, my apologies, it is fun teaching, but I will try and get out of the way and let you folks do your work in the future.

Kudo's to the overnight program crew on developing a new design for the student built plankton nets (Christina, Brenda and Jeanette). The new design is much more successful at actually catching night plankton. Thanks Sean who came in over the weekend to do a UH 201 class, and to all who came in for the Kelowna group (Mike and Gary), the Sidwell Friends (Mary, Vicki and Cosette), of course, Dr. Gopal (Bill, Ron and Lulu)!

There are a couple of new blog entries below. One on a very localized Urchin Invasion and the other on Time (or lack thereof).

Don't forget to check the calendar!

Have a great weekend.



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