Thursday, April 21, 2011

Volunteer Appreciation Notes 2011

The following is the thanks I gave at our Volunteer Dinner on Thursday - it applies to all of our volunteers.

"Usually National Volunteer Week is the same week as our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and Earth Day. This year is the Volunteer Week was actually last week, since they did not want it to conflict with the religious holidays. The Earth Day folks were not so concerned. Tomorrow is still Earth Day and Good Friday. Yesterday was the Spring Equinox and Sunday is Easter. A lot going on I would say. Really though, it all relates to raising the light in the world. To the good and those who have a desire or commitment to do good. To make a difference. And so it is appropriate that we take a moment to thank you for your efforts

As always, I am humbled and encouraged by all of you. Our programs are not easy to learn or to teach, yet you have all done so well. By teaching the labs, you have given tools to children and adults to understand how science works. They were able to share in the excitement of discovery and data collection – creating meaning so that they can go forward to make the world a better place. Sometimes you have just shared the joy of being in a very interesting corner of the universe. Millionaires, scientists, an island in the bay of an island in the middle of the great blue sea, with sharks and wild sea cucumbers and a boat ride – Disney has nothing on us. And that alone is a good thing. You have shared a experience, showed them how cool science is, set in some excellent memories – how can they ever forget Coconut Island? This is a special place with a very special group of volunteers. You have and continue to raise the light in the world. It is a better place because of you. And I sincerely thank you. You are an inspirational group."



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