Friday, June 17, 2011



Thanks to all who helped out this week! Mike, Sarah and Katie guided folks from Northlake College/ Texas on Tuesday. Don came in for the Lee family on Wednesday, then again at the last minute to help with a tour for folks from The Nature Conservancy - many thanks Don. Sarah S. picked up another small tour on Friday, John Sandor came in as well, and Mike and Katie did a tour for the US Army Medical Platoon (we told them "no one falls or trips, no blood is our motto").

It was Katie's last tour - she is off to find a graduate school - maybe here or Australia or?? Good Luck and Mahalo Nui Loa for all of her hard work here.

And - if that was not enough - we have had Volunteer Enrichment and Training sessions Tuesday, Thursday and again tomorrow. New volunteers Sharon and Vivian have been at every session. Cindy, Mike, Steve, Sal, Sarah, Christina, Brenda, Deena... it has been a lot of fun to hang out with folks, have time to really look at some of our sea creatures and learn about them.  What a wonderful set of evenings these have been. The boat ride  back last night with the full moon on the water was so nice.

Coming up? Take a look at the CALENDAR. Next week is a little quieter, but summer will just continue to pick up. Note that there is still a space in Megsie's intern training lab on Tuesday. Megsie does research on the invasive seaweeds in the fishponds. Should  be very interesting.

Have a great weekend.


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