Friday, September 23, 2011

CEP Tour and Boat Update 09-23-11


Thanks to Brenda, Christina and Sarah (the overnight science specialists) for pulling last weekend together. Nicely done - I came in, got in the way and got back out of the way. HIMB is so lucky to have such a great set of volunteers. Chris brought over a very very nice set of folks on Monday, Greg pitched in. Vicki was here today with a very motivated set of Home Schoolers - and she put in some extra effort for them, just to make sure they had a great time. She reported hearing one say, "we should come here every day!"

Coming up, I have my Ocean Explorer workshop tomorrow for teachers from across the state. Should be entertaining. Besides going through a variety of lesson plans relating to Ocean Exploration, I thought I would put out some m&m's in a blue bowl. Only 50 green ones, 50 red, 50 yellow and 50 brown. I will let the m&m's get eaten for awhile, before telling the teachers that the bowl represents the ocean, the green m&m's the plant plankton, (other colors will be fish and so on). And if they have taken out half or more of the green plant life in the ocean, I will have to turn off the air-conditioning in the classroom and shut down the air supply.

We will see how it goes.

I will be gone to Washington D.C. from next Wednesday night through Oct 6. Sal will be back on the 5th. Carlie Weiner will hold down the fort for us. There are a couple of major events while Sal and I are gone - including the Roosevelt tour on the 3rd, which has split into two tours - a early one then a later one to accommodate all of their folks. I am sure it will go well.

Please remember to check the CALENDAR. We will need folks for the SOEST Open House in mid-October. It is always fun.

Have a great weekend!


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