Friday, September 16, 2011

Tour and Boat Schedule Update 09-16-11


Bit of a quiet week, but we slowly continue to add tours - dont' forget to check the CALENDAR.

We have a scout overnight this weekend and I will be in Kona on Saturday for the NOAA Ocean Explorer Program - one of the grants I have. Interesting program really, they follow the various marine expeditions funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. One of their expeditions this year was "Exploring the Hidden World of the Maritime Maya." Check it out if you have time.

MORE IMPORTANT YET! A NEW issue of  COCONUT ISLAND NEWS  (July - September) is out!
Click on the link to the side (or here).
For the best pictures, download the original. To do this:
1. Click on the newsletter on the blog (this will take you to the Google Docs version)
2. Notice the "Google Docs" label to the upper left on your screen, under this,
3. Click on "File" then select "Download Original"
You will get the original PDF with the best pictures yet.

Thanks to Ruth, Sarah O., Chris Farrar, Kelvin Gorospe, Elizabeth Brown, and Dr. Karl for contributing.

And!  Check out the cool Monk Seal Emergency Room article from Sarah Sorensen. With more seals showing up in the main Hawaiian Islands this is definitely a good idea.

Have a great weekend.


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