Friday, October 7, 2011

Boat and Tour Update 10-07-11


Back from D.C., it is good to be home. Many many thanks to Carlie and all while I was gone. So sorry for all the excitement and cancellation of programs. Hopefully we are on a more even keel now. There is still a small rumor a strike floating around - that would take out the Honu Kai, so stay tuned. We live in interesting times.

Don't forget to check the CALENDAR!

The SOEST Open House is coming up. If we have extra volunteers, we may ask if you would help with another department up at SOEST (our parent school - SOEST runs everything from the oceanographic vessels to the telescopes on Mauna Kea!). And there is an outreach to Kailua Intermediate on the evening of Oct 27th.

Take a look at the new blog entry below as well. Why Scientists Like to Explode Things - or - Defining Science.



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