Friday, October 28, 2011

Tour and Boat Schedule Update 10-28-11


Fairly quiet week, we had Chris Evans from HPU, thanks to Mike for assisting them. Last night we went  out to Kailua Intermediate for a Career Night (Brenda and Christina assisting), and today is the wonderful Dr. Gopal (Ron and Mike assisting). We did more shipboard testing than usual, but will be incorporating more of this in the future (we did Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and water sampling as well as the plankton tow).

Next week we still need VOLUNTEERS for the Wednesday labs. We are doing the plankton and algae labs. Please keep an eye on the CALENDER. We also have folks calling on short notice for tours (thanks to those who offered to  help on Monday).

Take a look at the newest blog entry below: News Flash - Mainland Taxpayers Willing to Pay for Hawaii's Reefs.

Have a great weekend.


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