Thursday, November 10, 2011

Schedule Update 11-10-11

Aloha all,

Bit of a quiet week for tours, Zoltan was out with his HPU class. Mike Wadas (new volunteer) came out and we started gluing pipes together to extend the water line. Deena and Mike Coad learned how to do coral breakage transects and then started to re-run Sarah's summer study site now that it is off limits to boaters (should be interesting). Rebecca from Castle H.S. continues to work with Deena on eel grass trampling.

The corals seem to be getting over their gas problems, but we are keeping the inlet water low.

Coming up next week are some tours. Ron is in on Saturday with a group, Sarah on Sunday with the UH Chemistry club, Christina on Monday with Kam. Schools and there is a big tour on Wednesday. Many thanks since Sal will be gone next week.

Please keep an eye on the CALENDAR. Things continue to add in! I could use some help next Saturday with  a group that donated a house to us. They will come out on the Honu Kai, do a tour, then have lunch. I could use a logistics person (help drive the jeep up, etc.).

Don't miss the new blog post for this week: Zombie Worms - Critter of the Week

Finally, let me know what you think about the new blog format.



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